Located in the northeastern part of Victoria, West Hume Region (WHR) last week announced they will be implementing DXC Care Suite to optimize workflow and help improve outcomes in patient care. WHR comprises five rural health services: Goulburn Valley Health (GV Health), Nathalia, Cobram & Numurkah Health, The Kilmore & District Hospital, Yea & District Memorial Hospital and Seymour Health.

DXC Care Suite is a health platform that offers contemporary patient record management, automated scheduling and pathway management. The interoperability capabilities of DXC Open Health Connect helps care providers integrate data from different systems to create a longitudinal patient record via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) interfaces.


Through real-time automation, DXC Care Suite will enable a redesign of workflows that will increase efficiency for staff and patients across the WHR. This will allow member hospitals to achieve significant savings and reallocate staff to higher-value responsibilities. For instance, the use of DXC Care Suite will increase and improve the flow of patients through the hospitals, freeing up capacity and creating administrative efficiencies.

The patient administration system (PAS) functionality of DXC Care Suite will be deployed across the WHR hospitals.


For both WHR and DXC’s recently announced collaboration with Central Hume Partnership, DXC is working with Australian software development company PowerHealth to integrate its PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) solution within the DXC Care Suite platform.

PBRC, which is used extensively throughout Australia and in healthcare organizations internationally, is a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution that simplifies and automates the complexities of healthcare billing and claiming.


“I am very pleased to share that GV Health, as part of the WHR, will initiate the replacement of the current PAS with DXC’s Care Suite. This will provide patients and staff with a platform to build upon and enable wider future clinical services integration,” said Matt Sharp, chief executive at GV Health, which is the lead agency for WHR.

“GV Health will be working hard with partner health services to implement DXC Care Suite PAS as part of its ICT and digital health strategy. This is a significant step towards digital transformation and demonstrates the commitment of health services in the WHR to provide modern, contemporary tools that support the delivery of integrated high-quality care. Most importantly, the inclusion of enterprise scheduling will allow health services in the WHR to balance demand on healthcare services across the capacity at the partnership hospitals, allowing patients to be seen sooner and bringing waitlists under control,” he added.



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