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We begin as we mean to go on as we launch Healthcare IT News Australia. In the wake of the global WannaCry ransomware disruption we investigate whether the Australian healthcare system is hacked or healthy. With the Australian Government announcing a $9.1 million investment in telehealth access to psychologists in the federal budget we contemplate the virtual couch. As rumours abound about patient data being available for sale on the dark web we take a look at the nefarious outreaches of the Internet. While the popularity of online GP practices grows, we ask the AMA why it insists buyer beware. We take a tour of the new frontiers of healthcare with a look at the duelling healthcare booking apps, AI in knee reconstruction rehab, and aged care innovations that could keep people where they want to be - in their homes.

We are at an exciting time in human endeavour, as the imaginations of innovators in medical science and information technology intersect to transform our healthcare experiences. At Healthcare IT News, we’re here to tell those stories.



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