Modeus’ HS8 electronic controlled drug register will be implemented across private healthcare provider Ramsay’s 36 hospital sites in Australia and completed by the end of 2020, the Australian healthcare software company announced.


HS8 is a comprehensive medication management software platform specifically designed for hospitals, enabling paperless controlled drug administration in all areas of a hospital including pharmacies, wards and theatres. It integrates with existing hospital software systems and improves medication governance and compliance via intelligent functions that help to reduce diversion and increase transparency with respect to controlled drugs.


Last May, Ramsay Health Care signed a multi-year digital network and telecommunications services deal with Optus Business. Optus will provide voice and data services for Ramsay’s facilities across Australia, giving healthcare professionals high-speed data services, streamlined network migration transitions and enhanced billing systems designed to improve accuracy.


“Modeus have had a longstanding relationship with Ramsay, being the providers of DDBook controlled drug register software to our community pharmacy franchise network for many years. When they approached us with a custom built controlled drug register for our hospital dispensaries, we were naturally interested. Ramsay has always placed great importance on ensuring the safety and security of medications especially with pharmacists being custodians of medication. Modeus’ HS8 programs provides functionality to further enhance medication governance and a safety and quality focus,” said Michelle Lynch, General Manager, Operations at Ramsay Pharmacy.

Carl Zufi, CEO of Modeus said: “Modeus are delighted to be able to extend our relationship with Ramsay to include the rollout HS8 to their network of hospitals across Australia. We look forward to working closely with Ramsay in the weeks and months ahead to deliver what we believe is a groundbreaking product in the market that should be well utilised by their network.”



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