Fred IT, an IT solutions provider for the pharmacy industry, has recently launched its active script list that combines a patient's prescriptions in one digital list. It was developed in partnership with two prescription exchange services, eRx Script Exchange and MediSecure.

The Health department-conformant My Script List was first rolled out in pharmacies in Tasmania. It will be introduced in other states and territories by end May.


My Script List provides pharmacies with a complete list of all patients' current prescriptions and repeats. The registry combines a patient's e-prescriptions in one digital list, removing the need for prescription tokens.

Doctors and pharmacists may enrol patients for the My Script List service through an assisted registration process, and request access to view a patient’s list. Patients can then choose which doctors and pharmacies have access to their prescription list. They can also view the list themselves using a medication management app.


According to Fred IT, My Script List aids pharmacists in helping their patients to identify their correct e-prescriptions, removing concerns about losing prescriptions.

"This helps us to reduce the pressure that patients experience, as they no longer need to worry about remembering their scripts or sorting through tokens on their phone," said Joseph O’Malley, director of pharmacists group Pharmaceutical Defence.

With the digital list, there is no need to keep scripts on file, making it "easier to manage than printing and filling paper prescriptions", O’Malley added.


Australia launched e-prescriptions in May last year with the digital token method – doctors sending e-prescriptions to a patient's email or phone. After six months, over 6.5 million e-prescriptions were made with 4.2 million dispensed. About 17,000 doctors have created e-prescriptions, while nearly 5,500 pharmacies have dispensed them.

Fred IT has announced that it is getting ready to launch a WhatsApp-powered messaging solution for patients using My Script List, which will increase flexibility in how they order and manage prescriptions from their local pharmacies.

The IT firm is also partnering with several medication management apps, including MedAdvisor, Medmate and myPharmacyLink, to allow patients to access and view their My Script List.


“My Script List will substantially reduce the administrative burden associated with managing and dispensing prescriptions," said Fred IT CEO Paul Naismith.

"This is extremely important for pharmacies that are supporting patients with multiple prescriptions and chronic health conditions. It means that pharmacists can therefore spend time where they need to – supporting the health care needs of their patients," he added.



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