An Australian digital health company has inked an initial one-year contract with a GP network to digitise patient journeys, drive practice efficiency and improve health outcomes. 
The contract, signed for an undisclosed sum, is between 1st Group (ASX:1ST) and SmartClinics, a network of 34 GP medical centres. The agreement will see the 1st Group deliver its MyHealth1st technology solutions to the latter and replace the medical centre group’s existing use of HealthEngine and HotDoc.
Specifically, the 1st Group will provide the SmartClinics network with the MyHealth1st Online Appointment solution, EasyFeedback, EasyRecalls and 1st Insights Business Intelligence reporting, all of which are integrated with the network’s practice software systems. 
The 1st Group supplies integrated technology platforms to help health, medical and vet practices improve patient and customer healthcare journeys through the facilitation of appointment bookings, check-ins, feedback and customer engagement.
The new deal follows a similar agreement that the 1st Group signed in May 2018, to provide its entire product suite to another “large, fast-growing” medical centre group.
The 1st Group will receive monthly recurring subscription fees, in addition to usage and setup fees. 
SmartClinics Marketing Manager Sarita Fruk said the 1st Group was selected for being unlike “other tech players”. 
“[The] 1st Group is different. The team took the time to intimately understand our business needs and worked with us to define a solution that would deliver great outcomes for our patients and business, recognising the competitive world in which we operate,” Fruk said. 
According to 1st Group Managing Director Klaus Bartosch, the company is increasingly focusing on patient-doctor relationships, data privacy, innovation and improved patient healthcare outcomes, especially as the online health services bookings market is upward of $1.9 billion. 
“We were chosen because we think differently about digital patient engagement and how to strengthen patients’ relationships with their doctors. Customers appreciate our focus on service [and] data privacy,” Bartosch said. 
Primarily Queensland based, SmartClinics has also most recently expanded across Tasmania, with its GP network offering family health services. 



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