A new app unveiled in Adelaide promises to significantly improve the assessment and subsequent treatment of scars by giving clinicians access to a huge range of reference resources.
The app, ClinMAPS PRO, was developed by AusHealth and the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Burns Unit. 
The app houses data based on a traditional scar reference book called MAPS, widely used in hospitals around Australia, giving the user instant assessment of how active the scar is and clear photographic references that clinicians can use when assessing scar progress.
The original MAPS reference book was developed in 2005 by Margot Masters and Margaret McMahon, who were therapists working with burn patients at the RAH.
But while revolutionary at the time, AusHealth CEO Greg Johansen said that its useability is now limited by requirements for paper and manual assessment forms, which is why ClinMAPS PRO was created. 
“ClinMAPS is a great example of the outstanding talent we have in developing digital healthcare here in South Australia and we believe it will be a great asset to help all serious burns patients and their clinicians identify appropriate treatments for healing,” he said. 
The app is expected to initially be used by the RAH and its various clinics before being rolled out to other healthcare organisations nationally and internationally. 
“The app includes improved and updated photos superior to the original tool that was used, further assisting researchers who examine the effects of different scar treatments. It will be a great asset to help all serious burns patients and their clinicians to identify appropriate treatments for healing,” Johansen added. 
In addition to the MAPS scar assessment, the app also includes the Modified Vancouver Scar Scale, another common scar assessment, aimed at improving usability and variety. 
AusHealth has also negotiated the addition of the Japan Scar Workshop’s scale (called the Japan Scar Scale) to include another kind of scar assessment measure to a planned second version of the app.



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