Connected healthcare solutions specialist Hyland Healthcare has partnered with Australia-wide directory and e-referral delivery system MEDrefer to help healthcare organisations form an interoperable environment for referrals.

By integrating Hyland’s OnBase enterprise information platform with MEDrefer Manager, a hospital can have a centralised intake of referrals, in order to manage and route the requests, and facilitate better communication between health professionals.

The partnership will also enable broader coordination of the central intake of referrals received electronically, by fax or hard copy into a universal form for acceptance, triaging and processing.

The system will also provide clinicians a single location for all referral related content, be it via e-referrals or more traditional approaches, and referrers can search, refer, track, and access the latest medical information available prior to issuing a referral.

"The digitalisation of the healthcare industry is necessary for many reasons. A busy referring doctor cannot easily pass on important information such as family history, medications and allergies that could influence or jeopardise their safety in life threatening situations,” Brian Sullivan, managing director of MEDrefer, told HealthcareITNews. “Paper records are laborious, time consuming, and subject to error.”

He pointed to a study which found both in Australia and the UK, 30 percent of manual referrals, including faxes, were reported to be inappropriate or incomplete, leading to increased waiting lists and delayed treatment.

Sullivan with a MEDrefer referral, the treating physician not only has all the facts before them, but with a predetermined referral template with mandatory fields, it compels the sender to provide specific information prior to a consultation. 

With MEDrefer Manager, a provider also has an auto-populating template attached to their directory listing, with fields mandating their particular minimal requirements for quality consultation whether it is for a hospital, specialist or allied health provider.

“Digitalisation also provides the opportunity to save, share, record, dissect and measure disease management on a national and international scale for population health, to quickly alert health professionals and government of spikes in communicative disease occurrence," he explained.

Furthermore, a digital referral and all their important details can remain with the patient throughout their treatment journey, and digitisation of a patient's health record allows it to travel with them wherever they go on their life's journey.

“For security purposes, all records are digitally encrypted and can only be viewed by a specifically nominated recipient, which is not the case with paper,” Sullivan added.




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