Medinet Australia announced recently that it has acquired Sydney healthtech startup Patient Connector, which helps connects patients with trusted surgeons and doctors in general.

The company is focused on connecting patients with specialist doctors and providing them with increased access to upfront information about their fees, waitlist, location options and experience.

The process starts with primary healthcare and needs a GP to make a clinical decision that the patient needs to consult with a specialist.

Tess van der Rijt, founder and CEO of Patient Connector and now the CEO of Medinet, told HealthcareITNews that it was "a natural fit" for Patient Connector to sit as a product within a company that begins with GPs providing consultations to Australians accessing health care online.

"Together, both companies can now provide a better health care experience and end-to-end solution, by enabling patients to access both primary and specialist health care from their phone," van der Rijt explained.

Beyond this, Medinet also allows patients to access prescriptions and have their medications delivered to their door, pathology results (and soon pathology collection at home), medical certificates which can be directly emailed to their employer and diagnostic and imaging referrals.

Van der Rijt said telehealth plays a crucial role in realization of improving healthcare for Australians in remote and regional areas, as well as busy corporate workers who don't have time to visit a GP in business hours, or parents who are anxious late at night and need to obtain medical advice from professionals.

"Telehealth and Medinet is the solution moving forward that brings to health care the digital convenience consumers now expect, by providing everyone access to health care at any time, from anywhere," van der Rijt said. "I am originally from Wagga Wagga and am motivated to ensure that all Australians have appropriate access to healthcare."

She noted specialist doctors would also benefit from the acquisition of Patient Connector, as they will now have direct access to multiple online GPs who are referring patients to specialist doctors and are now an integral part of the GPs referral workflow.

"The acquisition of Patient Connector also enables GPs to provide a better service to their patients," she explained. "If a GP consults with a patient who requires a specialist referral, GPs will be able to search a directory of specialists, so they know they are referring the patient to a suitable specialist."

In addition, patients will be able to access upfront information about specialists' fees, waitlist, locations options and experience based on their unique medical context, so they can make a more informed decision health care decision.

Van der Rijt also noted the company is using de-identified data to develop an artificial intelligence solution to support GPs make clinical decisions when consulting with patients.

"We also use data analytics internally and monitor de-identified user data to strive to constantly improve our app through monitoring patient and doctor usage," she said.



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