Australian software company MedicalDirector has introduced its latest cybersecurity solution for healthcare systems.


According to a press release, the MedicalDirector Shield has six key components to protect a healthcare practice's IT systems and data.

It provides an initial security assessment to spot a system's vulnerabilities to online hacks; a plug-in intrusion detection device that blocks potential attacks; and 24/7 monitoring by a cybersecurity operations centre.

It also releases monthly incident reports which include advanced insights on cyber incidents and network weaknesses; conducts online cybersecurity training for care teams to identify and understand the vulnerabilities in their practice, helping reduce the likelihood of unintentional data breaches; and offers guides for staff to handle cybersecurity events.


In a statement, Louise Ryves, ecosystem general manager at MedicalDirector, said the company has offered its newest solution at a time when cyberattacks are becoming "more sophisticated and more frequent".

"All too often, unauthorised individuals are gaining access to healthcare data, putting patients at risk. In fact, healthcare remains the highest reporting industry sector," the official said.

"Without a robust cybersecurity framework in place, a practice is vulnerable to malicious activity that can result in significant financial and reputational consequences,” Ryves added.

MedicalDirector made its cybersecurity offering available for practices of all sizes, especially for small businesses which are the "most vulnerable to cyber incidents due to a lack of resources".


This year saw some big cybersecurity incidents in the Pacific. In late April, UnitingCare Queensland in Australia was hit by a ransomware attack, shutting down its IT systems.

Last month, Waikato DHB in New Zealand suffered a full outage of its information service system due to a cyberattack that probably entered via an email attachment. The hospital group is targeting improvements in its digital services this week after restoring over half of its servers.


"The six components of MedicalDirector Shield are designed to work together to protect a practice from cyberattacks while minimising the impact that such incidents can have on day-to-day operations. Importantly, MedicalDirector Shield provides up-to-date training and tools so that practice staff know exactly how to respond if a cyberattack does occur," MedicalDirector Chief of Technology Dominique Powis said.



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