HealthEngine continues to solidify its place as Australia’s leading online healthcare booking platform with the addition of one of the nation’s largest dentist communities to its roster.

Over 1800 practices registered with dental management specialist Prime Practice will be assisted to transition to the digital platform, increasing the options available for customers from 700.

The partnership is part of the broadening of HealthEngine’s focus from GP appointment bookings to its evolution as an “online healthcare marketplace” representing related industries keen to connect.

“I think dentists have been quite open and are actually more commercial than our traditional GP segment. Any difference in the speed of uptake is probably more down to the fact that we focussed more on GPs initially,” HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director Dr Marcus Tan told Healthcare IT News Australia.

According to Tan, Australia has reached a tipped point and customers now expect healthcare providers to be online and interconnected.

“Having pioneered the mass adoption of online bookings and directory services for general practitioners, we know that when patients experience the service for their GP, they will soon expect it to be available when they see other providers as well,” he said.

“As with most customer experiences with technology, expectations are high, and its important healthcare providers work to meet them.”

The proliferation of personal technology and an increasing desire for more efficient and transparent patient/practitioner relationships are driving the change, Tan said. 

An advantage of the increased digital engagement is that patients can better navigate the complex health-scape to receive the care they need.

“Healthcare is made up of a whole group of different providers, and can often seem complex, particularly for patients. It's great for customers that they’ll now be able to access a range of different providers and have it coordinated and managed from a single app.”

The relationship between Prime Practice and HealthEngine is also intended to help dental practices be more commercially successful.

“Dental practices in Australia are under mounting pressure to ensure they are successfully attracting new patients and continuing to improve practice efficiencies, all while keeping existing patients happy and providing the best level of care possible,” Tan said.

“As the market becomes more competitive and fragmented, these marketing and operational tasks are becoming increasingly time consuming for practice owners and practice managers to handle.”

Connecting to the HealthEngine will provide dental practices with a platform designed to help them compete in a digital, service-driven economy.

More than 1 million patients use HealthEngine each month to book appointments with over 8000 health practitioners, including GPs, physiotherapists and chiropractors.






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