In an Australian first, Epworth Healthcare has gone live with a bespoke end-to-end technology infrastructure for the management of its clinical trials, including the ethics review and governance of all research conducted across the organisation.

The Velos eResearch platform frees up researcher time by simplifying clinical trial administration and was developed to suit the Australian clinical research environment in collaboration with Epworth’s experts.

“It reduced duplication and manual handling, and also provided us with a systematised ‘one stop shop’ for research,” Epworth Group Manager of Finance and Operations Alan Taylor told Healthcare IT News Australia.

“Some early wins have been a consistent approach to research coordination across the organisation, and the capacity to analyse and track our research from the data in Velos.”

Epworth first rolled out the patient and study management components of Velos eResearch in 2014, and was the first Australian institution to apply the system to its entire research program.

Since then it has worked with the company’s engineers to create a “tailored-fit” for ethics review and research management.

The new system represents a significant investment in the digital automation of the research processes at Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private health care group, where research is underway in clinical disciplines such as cardiology, oncology, intensive care, orthopaedics and mental health.

“We believe that the Velos Research system deployed at Epworth Richmond is the first end-to-end electronic research management system in Australia, with the ethics and governance platform on the front end and the clinical trials management system at the back end connected by an automated flow of data.”

The Velos platform is used for research internationally, including in 65 institutions across Korea, and is currently being implemented by the Mayo Clinic in the United States to suit its research specifications.




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