Health software and services specialist Civica announced it is bringing its suite of cloud-based healthcare technology to the Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets.

The healthcare products added to the company's portfolio include the clinical information management system Cito, which is designed to support improved care pathways and clinical diagnoses through streamlined information sharing.

The platform is a cloud-based solution providing real-time single views of each patient by unifying and structuring clinical data into customisable virtual electronic health records.

The browser-agnostic platform can also provide clinicians with insight into patient care by centralizing all their information, while its integration capabilities and workflow engine provide patients with access to better services.

Cito has been designed with open standards for easier integration with existing clinical systems and portals, including Active Directory, and offers single sign-on for clinicians, while helping reduce document storage and paper-handling costs.

Civica's Health & Care portfolio for Australia and New Zealand will also include CostMaster, which provides end-to-end cost reporting and management for decision makers.

The cloud-based software enables end-to-end cost reporting and management and was developed especially to support healthcare requirements for reporting and local cost management.

"Over time, Australia's health industry has been putting more administration tasks on our health and care practitioners," said Civica Care managing director Craig Porte in a statement. "Unfortunately, that has diverted their time away from client care, which is a problem that technology can solve."

Porte explained that by using cloud-based technologies, healthcare practitioners would have the opportunity to streamline the delivery of unified care, as well as enhance financial and operational management, which would result in time-savings for healthcare professionals.

The portfolio also includes Civica's Member Engagement Solutions, which are designed to help support community and patient engagement through the integration of technology and communication platforms and provides a real-time platform for capturing, analysing and reporting on patient and staff experiences.

Among the health insurers implementing Civica's cloud-based solutions are Great Ocean Road Health, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and Enable WA, and Civica is also targeting the Australian community care market and health insurance sector with its NewHealth platform.

Another new technology for the market is the mobile platform CarelinkGo, a smartphone app for mobile caregivers and clinicians featuring offline support.

For example, Carelink could provide staff in rural areas with the ability to access client information while on the road.

The announcement follows Civica's 2018 acquisition of Geelong-based cloud software company Carelink, now called Civica Care, which served to expand the company's market presence in Australia.





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