Earlier this month, not-for-profit, Catholic health care organization Calvary and private health insurance Medibank announced a joint venture as the service provider for the new My Home Hospital program in South Australia.

Commencing later in the year, My Home Hospital will deliver care in a patient’s own home, including residential care facilities, as a substitute for going to hospital. The service will be available for selected conditions and eligible public patients, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the metropolitan and outer suburbs of Adelaide.

Patients can be referred to My Home Hospital via several pathways including directly from the community via their GP, specialist or residential aged care facility. Patients may also be admitted directly from a hospital emergency department, allowing patients to return home for their care rather than be admitted to a physical hospital.

According to Wellbeing SA, currently 1.3% of health services delivered by all acute hospitals are at home. The My Home Hospital program will aim to increase this number to almost 5%.


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many patients are still hesitant to visit hospitals to seek treatment or follow-up with appointments. Providing care for patients in their home, if their conditions permit, can alleviate such fears as well as reduce the stress and high costs related to hospital stays.

Remote monitoring technologies also allow for better monitoring of patients’ health conditions outside of the hospitals’ walls.


“Our new joint venture with Medibank enables both organizations to combine our expertise and experience to give more South Australian public-hospital patients the opportunity to receive services at home, as an alternative to going to hospital, when clinically appropriate,” said Martin Bowles, Calvary National CEO.

“Medibank expects increasing demand from Australians for in-home care as an alternative to hospital admission, which is why we employ more than 1,500 clinicians across our in-home care and telehealth businesses.

In-home care is often more convenient and less stressful for patients, removing the need for additional or frequent trips to hospital. Patients in the My Home Hospital program will receive treatment in the familiarity of their own residence, with increased comfort levels for those going through what can be an extremely difficult time,” said Dr Andrew Wilson, Medibank Group Executive of Healthcare & Strategy.



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