The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Health Directorate has selected Software as a Service (SaaS) company TechnologyOne to replace the directorate’s legacy, on-premise inventory management system with an SaaS solution.

The four-year, $3.2 million whole-of-government SaaS contract incorporates technology that will supply supply chain, prosthesis management, business intelligence and analytics.

The Health Directorate is tasked with providing a comprehensive range of health services to the people of the ACT, including setting health policy and planning the delivery of health services.

“We offer a healthcare-specific solution that is capable of seamlessly managing the full supply chain lifecycle of all ACT hospitals,” Stuart MacDonald, TechnologyOne’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Enterprise SaaS architectures can improve health systems by ensuring that each aspect of patient care is managed by connected software programs, experts say.

This wide-ranging capability reaches from front-office functions such as medication management to back-office functions such as recruitment of appropriate medical personnel, and allows information to move swiftly and securely from one system to another.

MacDonald noted one of the deciding factors in the Health Directorate’s selection of TechnologyOne was its ability to provide a full end-to-end solution with no delivery partners required.

“ACT Health recognised the benefit of our extensive experience with the healthcare sector and across all levels of government,” MacDonald continued. “Our integrated enterprise solution will enable the directorate to improve user experience, simplify administration and enhance inventory processes.”

The Australian government has been taking big steps in 2019 toward digitalization across the healthcare system, from SaaS solutions for inventory management to department-wide services.

In June, technology giant Microsoft announced it was working to accelerate the digital transformation of Western Australia’s Health Support Services (HSS) organization through the deployment of its Office 365 software to 45,000 staff in 500 sites across the state.

The intent is to make Office 365, currently being piloted, available to all WA Health employees by the middle of next year – a transformation program that will see most workloads move from on premises data centres into the cloud.

The news follows an April announcement from networking services specialist NEC Australia that it will upgrade more than 500 health sites by 2020 for the WA Department of Health as part of their HealthNext ICT transformation program.

The $23 million contract comes from the $409 million HealthNext infrastructure replacement project, led by HSS.

Healthcare organisations are fast adopting hybrid cloud as a result of increasing security and compliance concerns, according to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index study published in June.

The report identified that hybrid cloud adoption in healthcare is expected to jump from 19% to 37% worldwide in two years, as providers address critical technology needs.



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